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Stitched constructions are especially designed for ball screws, shafts, columns and spindles. Our Round bellows have a very stable form and stay perfectly in shape, which makes them suitable for long-term, highly demanding applications.
Our special design guarantees maintenance free operations. Round bellows joints with flange and/or sleeve are possible. Please indicate the working application position (horizontal, vertical) and the spindle diameter.
The inner diameter of the concertina shall be 10 mm larger than the diameter of the protected spindle (shaft).
Standard material is GN 807 (high tensile strength chemical fiber tissue with PU-coating). Temperature resistant from -40oC/14oF to +120oC/274oF. For use at high temperatures and in an welding application, aluminized fiberglass tissue resistant up to +450oC/870oF is used.
AD = Outer diameter
ID = Inner diameter
FB = Width of fold
FAZ = Length of extension per fold
FZD = Contruction per fold
FHub = Lift per fold
Lmin. = Minimal compression
Lmax. = Maximal extension
Moulded Leather Bellows

We have one of the largest selections of Moulded Leather-Bellows in the world. We can currently offer a lot of different types and styles. All bellows are made of a special composition of PVC-materials. These bellows can be used within a normal temperature range of -20o;C//22o;F and +80oC/200oF. They offer an excellent seal and protection against dust. We also manufacture soft pvc bellows according to your specifications. Die costs are moderate.
Following tables show the different types available
Sewn Round Bellows Heat Formed Round Bellows Thermic-Flex™ Round Bellow
2 4 3
Moulded Leather Bellows can be manufacture from inner diameter 10mm to 650mm