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Machine Repair, Rebuilding and Refurbishment

As a complement to our custom machine building capabilities, we offer comprehensive machine repair, rebuilding and refurbishment services. In many situations, your objectives technology of your existing equipment. Proper rebuilding and refurbishment can increase production efficiency and extend machine life.

The services we provide in this area range from updating electronic controls to complete repairs and smaller refurbishments can be performed on-site. Breakdowns are given special priority. We will work closely with you to determine the appropriate level of refurbishment to meet your goals and maximize your return on investment. Our experienced would be involved.

A brief summary of our machine rebuild process:image00

  • Dismantle, clean, and inspect machine tool
  • All components are available for customer's inspection
  • Scrape, flake, and fit all quoted way surfaces to full bearing, assuring longer life of all necessary components
  • Replace table screw & nut assembly
  • Replace crossfeed screw & nut assembly
  • Replace or repair all parts in head
  • Inspect electrical system
  • Polish all bright work
  • Professionally painted
  • Inspect oil system
  • Assemble and realign to original tolerance
  • Machine guaranteed for a period of 1 Year, under normal use and proper maintenance