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"FINETEC" are specialists in pump repair/overhauls/upgrade. Our offering includes, full diagnostic analysis, parts replication, condition assessment, turnkey removal installation complete refurbishment, performance testing, CMM alignment, welding repair, machining, assembly and corrosion/efficiency enhancing coatings. 24/7 emergency repair service .


  • Horizontal & Vertical Split Case
  • Submersible & Vertical Split Case
  • Submersible & Immersible Pumps
  • Axial Flow and Mixed Flow Pumps
  • Multistage Pumps – vertical in line pumps, inverters, soft start panels, mechanical seal solutions


  • Material upgrades including metallurgical, hardfacings and coatings to resist wear, erosion, and corrosion to prolong the life of internal parts and overall equipment reliability
  • Bearing system upgrades to improve equipment reliability
  • Mechanical seal repairs and upgrades to improve equipment reliability
  • Mechanical seal repairs and upgrades to meet your changing process conditions and requirements
  • Hydraulic channel optimization to improve equipment reliability and performance
  • Hydraulic rerates to optimization pump performance to meet current and future process conditions efficiency and reliably.


We are engaged in providing excellent Drilling Services for tube well and bore well. We are also offering Industrial pumps and Rainwater harvesting service. Our technical consultants are responsible for execution of successful project.

Being a specialized company in offering Drilling Srvices, we offer excellent Tube well & bore well drilling services throughout India. Our Tube & bore well drilling services are preferred by many clients to cater their varied needs of industrial, commercial, agricultural, construction and municipal applications in Kolkata, Maheshtala, and Budge-Budge,district 24 Parganas(S),.PUMP BOREWELLINSTALLATIONSERVICE4

These machines are available in bench, pillar and gang type, which cover a wide range of operations such as tube well drilling, Development of tube well and ground water exploration.

Our company is known as well drilling service provider who undertakes all types of drilling works in all types of soil. We have been serving both rural cities.

We are experts in drilling tube well and bore wells with super fast rigs with experienced & qualified geologists. The company also has Groundwater Surveyors, who assist the customer in deciding the bore well point; installation of submersible, jet & hand pumps.

We have expertise in desalting & cleaning of damaged bore wells, earth pits, all types of bore well drilling for domestic & industrial purpose, site chosen by scientific method. Widely preferred well drilling contractor by customers operates a vast range of drills from modern table and top drive multipurpose rigs to percussion cable tools, backed with support vehicles andancillary equipment to cover most phases of borehole drilling.

Our 'Water Experts' ensures that the work is done in less possible time and with perfection. Our versatile methodology saves your time, energy and money. 


A borehole is the generalised term for any narrow shaft drilled in the ground, either vertically or horizontally. A borehole may be constructed for many different purposes including the extraction of water or other liquid (such as petroleum) or gases (such as natural gas or methane), as part of a geotechnical investigation or environmental site assessment, for mineral exploration, or as a pilot hole for installing piers or underground utilities. Boreholes used as water wells are described in more depth in that article.

In the engineering and environmental consulting fields, the term is used to collectively describe all of the various types of holes drilled as part of a geotechnical investigation or environmental site assessment (a so-called Phase II ESA). This includes holes advanced to collect soil samples, water samples or rock cores, to advance in situ sampling equipment, or to install monitoring wells or piezometers. Samples collected from boreholes are often tested in a laboratory to determine their physical properties, or to assess levels of various chemical constituents or contaminants.

Typically, a borehole used as a well is completed by installing a vertical pipe (casing) and well screen to keep the borehole from caving. This also helps prevent surface contaminants from entering the borehole and protects any installed pump from drawing in sand and sediment.Borehole drilling

When completed in this manner the borehole is then more commonly called a well: whether it is a water well, oil well or natural gas extraction well.