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Spiral Springs are circular telescopic covers that are excellent for the protection of spindles and shafts.6
This product has over 20 years proven success in the protection against swarf, dust and liquids, combined with high temperature stability and chemical resistance. WMB spirals are manufactured from polished blue steel or high-grade stainless steel; they distinguish themselves in safety and performance, and in addition require little maintenance. The springs can operate vertically, horizontally or in a sloping position and are available in over 1500 part numbers to create clean and safe conditions for the operation of linear shafts and ball screws.

Standard telescopic spring covers are made from high-quality blued spring steel strip (55-58 Rockwell) with rounded edges. Strength up to 1800 N/m2.

If regularly used with coolants of high water content, we recommend spring covers be made of stainless strip steel. However, due to the properties of this material, the spring force of these springs is less so that they cannot be made in all sizes. Please contact us for details.

Operating Conditions
FINE TECHNOLOGY designs telescopic spring covers to allow for traveling speeds up to 40m/min. Telescopic springs find optimum operating conditions in an oily environment. They are not suitable for use where fine particles or dust are encountered. In the latter case we recommend the use of bellows.

FINE TECHNOLOGY recommends the use of collar and pilot flanges on each end of a telescoping spring cover to allow for the spring to turn. The telescopic spring must be able to move freely to ensure maximum life and must NOT under any circumstances be fixed (by means of screws or rivets).

Regular maintenance of conical spring steel covers is indispensable. Depending on the amount of soiling, the springs should be cleaned daily or weekly, followed by the application of a thin oil film in accordance with our maintenance instructions. A special spray can be supplied by us to ensure the longest life of your telescopic spring covers. Never GREASE telescopic springs!